what's paper all about?

Paper, paper everywhere but what are we to do with it?

We usually take paper for granted and do not recognise how it have impacted our everyday lives. Though much of its functions have been replaced by technology, paper is still used in many applications in many facets of our life.

Thank God for toilet paper, for the delightful surprises when unwrapping our presents, for the endearing love notes, occasion cards and memos to cherish, for the making of good choices from food facts on their packages, for wipes and clean-ups which makes life more comfortable, not forgeting the ever-important paper chase, and the list goes on and on and on.....

It is time to go beyond the functions of paper and to start enjoying paper as it is, on its own and untainted.

Simple, surprising, expressive and beautiful. 

Anticipate to be thrilled!




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