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/>Since the earliest of time, human expressions seek to take form for purposes of communication, instruction, information or merely for pure indulgence. With the discovery of paper-making, a whole new world of possibilities presented itself to humanity.


Stories are told, pictures are drawn, records are kept; all on the humble sheet of paper. With time inevitably, our dependancy on paper reached consequential proportions in the environment and efforts have commenced to prevent further damage to our world. Technology have since limited our reliance of the traditional uses of paper.

It is a new era for paper.

Paper now come into it's own, to speak in a manner that is utterly surprising and delightful. Origami comes to mind because of its popularity. But that would be limiting the expressive possibilities of this humble material. A blank sheet of paper manipulated, yields a response far beyond the imagination.

Are you ready for the expose?
Brace yourself ...

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Gallery 1


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